See Differently – How People Live a Full Life by Seeing Differently

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The Royal Society for the Blind has announced a new name – ‘See Differently’

This rename reflects their new purpose, to provide people who are blind or vision impaired with a new perspective on life.

The organisation was founded 138 years ago, but still shares the same fire for helping people their founders instilled. This rebrand helps reflect the wide range of technologies and services that have become available to help people ‘see differently’, and also reflects the vibrant and modern approach the organisation is taking to help its members.

There are many organisations around the world helping the visually impaired, and it’s encouraging to see the their services focused on respect and helping their clients determine their own path.

Losing your vision can be a difficult journey, but these organisations help those affected by visual impairments focus on the hope and opportunity available to them.

With new wearable devices like eSight, Screen Readers, Talking Screens, and also the latest in home automation and practical devices like magnifiers, it is possible for low vision individuals to enjoy life independently.

And with services offered alongside these devices and training, such as assistance dogs, life can be lived in a different, but completely rewarding way.

Congratulations See Differently on your successful rebrand. With more than 7000 clients, See Differently is changing lives and the communities they operate in, and can use your support.