Famine: An Urgent Crisis in East Africa

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Humanitarian assistance is urgently needed in East Africa. Immediate action is needed to stop the spread of hunger and save millions of lives.

Across many nations including Somalia, South Sudan, Kenya and Ethiopia, more than 22 million people are facing a hunger crisis. Live-saving aid is needed in the form of urgent humanitarian assistance.

Each country is facing food shortages through different drivers. In countries like Ethiopia, poor rainfall has led to consecutive failed harvests, while other countries are under famine from disease outbreaks, worsening water or farm land conditions, and animal deaths.

South Sudan is under pressure from internal unrest. In parts of the country food insecurity has been declared, and many more areas are on the brink.

Many foundations have launched East Africa appeals to provide support and prevent a humanitarian disaster. Together, let’s help millions with their immediate needs for nutrition, health, livelihood, water and shelter.

Donate now through WorldVision’s Appeal.

What is Famine?

The United Nations has some very specific and unsettling parameters to declare a famine:

  • Over 20% of households not meeting their recommended caloric intake
  • Over 30% of a population in a state of malnutrition
  • Two or more deaths per 10 000 people daily

What’s even more unsettling than these thresholds, are the many places in East Africa meeting them.

And the many more nations that have not yet reached these UN-defined levels, that still see people struggling with hunger daily.

How we can help

Early intervention is the key to preventing famine and alleviating suffering.

The best way to stop hunger is before it starts.

For places already in crisis the most effective intervention is immediate emergency food and supplies.

While food is delivered, support can be given to communities to strength their long-term farming capabilities to produce food and gain income.

Long-term progress to ending famine forever can be done by teaching farmers to nurture land, prevent soil degradation, sustainable farming practices and improving productivity. Better seeds and cutting-edge farming equipment and techniques can be given to turn communities from struggling to survive to being able to thrive.

Not just a hunger pain

Real hunger is not just a rumbling in your belly when dinner is late. Real hunger is a potentially fatal lack of nutrients that can lead to impairment in the body’s ability to fight disease, or a child’s development, or cause stillbirths or congenital abnormalities.

Hunger and famine is a life-altering issue for many.

Please donate to your trusted charity if you can, or share their appeal to help save a life.