Climate Change: Poor Children Suffer Most

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Climate change is already affecting the ability for people to feed themselves. Where this occurs, it is children who are suffering the most.

Children are still developing. When their sources of nutrition are put at risk by the changing climate, they are put at greater risk of injury, disability and even death. They are not just less equipped to physically, mentally and emotionally cope with the life-threatening conditions brought on by climate change, their physical health, mental health and emotional health are put in detrimental risk.

The greatest killers of children – malnutrition, diarrhoeal diseases and malaria will become worse through climate climate change. Future generations around the world will suffer, but those in the poorest and developing countries will suffer most, and are suffering already.

Climate change effects may not be worse than other countries, but being in poverty limits the ability and means to respond.

Those struggling to survive every day are suffering already, and climate change will make the ability to grow nutritious food that much harder. Children are going to get sick, and when they get sick they can’t go to school. When they don’t get an education, their chances of escaping poverty are greatly reduced. And all that is if they can survive the changes brought on by climate change at all.

The cycle will continue, or the cycle will get worse.

There’s an urgent need to help the environment and help improve the lives of children in need, and you can help.

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